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Certified training (online) - Dental Medicine

Our certified training consists of course bundles, each of which contains several online video courses (including training demonstrations) and the associated supporting material. When working with these courses, you are not bound to any times. You can access the lessons at any time and as often as you like. When you have completed a course package, you can take an exam and thereby earn a certification. The courses of a training package can also be purchased individually. 

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20.01.2022 • Certification • Dental Medicine

Certified Training - Phototherapy in Dentistry

What is this course about? 

The possible applications of PBMt - photobiomodulation therapy (PBMt) - in dentistry go far beyond wound treatment after surgical procedures.
 PBMt can regenerate lost tissue by differentiating mesenchymal stem cells to form interpapillary areas and secondary dentin. It stimulates bone regeneration and supports all procedures or oral and maxillofacial surgery through its anti-inflammatory and pain-reducing effects. It promotes the healing of ulcerative gingivitis and can prevent mucositis.

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12.09.2018 • Certification • Dental Medicine

Laser Phototherapy in Dentistry

The training by Jan Tunér gives an overview of the application possibilities and the working principles of photobiomodulatory techniques in dentistry.

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