College for Photomedicine

College for Photomedicine

What is Colll?

COLLL is a council and network of experts dedicated to the promotion of low-level laser therapy (LLLT). COLLL furthers scientific collaboration and the exchange of experiences among physicians and therapists, research, quality assurance, training and continuing training as well as the distribution of information among experts and the public at large.


In our trainings we advocate the quality of LLLT.

In our selection criteria we are guided by the state of knowledge which intensive LLL research has established today. The application of LLLT can achieve significantly more if therapists use this knowledge – for the patients as well as the recognition of LLLT among professional circles.


COLLL cooperates with experienced LLL therapists who have applied LLLT for many years and physicians who collaborate with universities and medical research institutes in order to research LLLT.

COLLL also supports the establishment of quality circles and regional workshops.


Today LLLT is a medical discipline which – e.g. in the promotion of wound healing – can demonstrate more clinical evidence than many acknowledged standard procedures of medicine.

We keep you posted in our research blog, telling you about new clinical studies and scientific articles on LLLT. In addition, we support research projects and case studies in defining study designs and determining laser parameters and dosage strategy.

Praxis Forum

Our training offers are practice-oriented. As a result, you can apply what you have learned right away. Individual treatment successes with LLLT greatly depend on the right dosage, the proper treatment cycle, and accompanying therapies, which can help improve them. We keep you up-to-date in our Praxis Forum, providing information on such issues as new guidelines by the international professional societies.


COLLL members are physicians, researchers, physical therapists, nurses, evidence-based practitioners, veterinarians, and acupuncturists, etc.

Members receive the COLLL Newsletter as well as free access to the "White Zone" (therapy archive).

A membership certificate is available for €18 incl. value-added tax and shipping (valid in Germany).

Editiorial Office

Füchtenbusch Fachkommunikation
Anja Füchtenbusch
Maximilianstraße 2A
D-82319 Starnberg

Spreading the word

COLLL also informs the public – media and professional journals – about the application, areas of application, and new developments of LLLT. We want to advance the knowledge about LLLT both among professional circles and patients – and thus improve the basis for assessing the chances which LLLT offers in the treatment of many ailments.

Scientific Advisory Board

Experts in the fields of wound and pain management, baseline research, dermatology, orthopaedics, and LLLT in veterinary medicine and laser acupuncture form the Scientific Advisory Board of COLLL. They make, e.g., recommendations for the application of inclusive guidelines for appropriate dosages of laser phototherapy which are based on the available scientific literature and on their own experience. COLLL subscribes to the scientific tenets of the World Association for Laser Therapy (WALT) and its standards.

The Advisory Board invites those who apply LLLT to actively participate in the debate about adequate therapy techniques and dosages. It has standardized treatment protocols for this purpose that contain all parameters which form the basis for comparing laser phototherapy in everyday practice.

The members of the Scientific Advisory Board also serve as consultants.

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