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WALT Interview Dr. Roberta Therese Chow

4th October 2018

Dr. Roberta Therese Chow
The Importance of Photobiomodulation for future pain therapy

Dr. Roberta Chow (MB BS(Hons), FAMAC, MAppISci, PhD, Grad Cert Pain Management) is a research member at the University of Sydney and President of the Australian Medical Laser Association. She specializes in the effects of laser light on nerves. Her research over the last twenty years has focused exclusively on the use of photobiomodulation for pain management and primary care. This includes all types of pain like nociceptive and neuropathic pain. The neural effects of lasers and in general the neuromodulatory effects of light on the sensomotoric nervous system are decisive mechanisms for the pain-relieving effects of PBM. Her study on the effects of laser therapy on neck pain was published in Lancet.

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