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WALT Interview Dr. med. Volkmar Kreisel

5th October 2018

Dr. Volkmar Kreisel
The potential of the application of pulsed laser light (laser frequencies)

Dr. Volkmar Kreisel is medical director of the practice for integrative medicine in Bietigheim-Bissingen, Germany, managing director of the Lasercenter Stuttgart, vice president of the ISLA (International Society for Medical Laser Applications) and specialized in laser phototherapy in pain management and rehabilitation. One of his main areas of research is the application of resonance frequencies in laser therapy, the effects of which he investigates using scientific methods (including VNS analysis/measurement of heart rate variability HRV). He is the author of several books on the application of laser therapy ( Laser Akupuncture – A practical handbook/ 2012 and Laser Field Therapy - The pioneering technique of laser photo therapy with the new generation resonance frequencies/ 2018) and a member of the board of COLLL (College for Laser-Phototherapy/ Photobiomodulation).

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