College for Laser Photo Therapy

Dental Medicine

Photobiological medicine for dentistry

Research into the potential of photobiological techniques in dentistry is leading on the international front of photomedicine. Their findings are cutting-edge and pioneering and ready to find their way into practice. The regeneration of bone and mucous membrane, modern pain management, prevention and sustainable metaphylaxis with the help of photobiological mechanisms will shape the dentistry of the 3rd millennium.

Photo-biomodulation - the mechanism at the very root

Today, the term photo-biomodulation is used internationally for all procedures used in medicine that can influence the homeostasis of the cell metabolism with light. Laser phototherapy is the most effective method. The equipment needed for laser phototherapy is simple and safe, and learning the various possible applications and procedures is uncomplicated. There is hardly a method that can be so quickly integrated into the practice routine and is so universally applicable.

We offer

  • a certified training in photobiomodulation in dentistry based on the current state of science,
  • the first comprehensive scientific book and video tutorial on the application spectrum of photobiological techniques in dentistry with concrete treatment instructions,
  • a membership in the collegium of COLLL with access to our white zone.
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